Meet the Fam

Hello! I’m Casi and I’m married to a wonderful nerd named Matt. We have a little brown dog named Reecy. Matt is a computer programmer (my blog is a disgrace to what he is capable of creating. He’s amazing.) Here’s a fish-face church selfie of us:


Reecy is technically a “Golden Retriever – Aussie Shepherd mix.” You can believe that if you’d like. We don’t know what she is.

She’s famous for her satellite ears.

They both run with me occasionally. Matt doesn’t love running, but he likes to long board next to me so we can be outside together. He has run two 5k races with me…he never trains but he gets similar times as me. *stank face*

Reecy would go with me on every run if I let her, but I’m still working on training her to “heel” so I don’t take her out unless I feel like training her while running. It’s a fine balance of keeping her in shape and keeping my runs stress-free. 🙂

Engagement pics in 2012 and The Color Vibe in 2015
Paint-war engagement pics in 2012 and The Color Vibe in 2015

2 thoughts on “Meet the Fam

  1. Love the fam, love the blog, love that you run. I have been inspired by you, and have officially entered my first 5K at age 53. 🙂 You rock !!


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