Cookies and Beach Adventures

Good day my small but fine collection of faithful readers.

Since I somehow went almost a week and a half without posting, I will just give a quick recap of my runs for this week and dump some of my pictures, and then I’ll get on to my big long post about this weekend’s run in the next post.

Thursday I put in four miles on the treadmill at the gym. A little boring, but not horrible. It gave me some practice running at a steady pace instead of fluttering around like a butterfly the whole time, and I felt the effects of that practice on my long run on Sunday.

Friday morning I set my alarm for 5:00, hoping to be out running by 5:30. I had 7 miles planned – two warm up miles, then miles 3, 5, and 7 at sub-10:00 pace. My fancy Runner’s World plan had a shmancy track workout on the menu, but it was complicated and it scared me. I have found that speed workouts always scare me. It’s just nerves – speed work pushes you past your limits which is never comfortable. I just did my own simpler version of speed work this time around, and I’ll work my way up to the fancy one…maybe. I didn’t actually get out the door until 5:45, so i had to adjust the run down to 6 miles.

Miles 1 and 2 were with Reecy around the usual neighborhood loop. She was pretty rusty at behaving on the leash since it’s been about two weeks, but it wasn’t her worst. I dropped her off after mile 2 and headed out of the neighborhood and down to the Econ trail. This meant that my first fast mile had me running up an overpass, but I don’t even remember it so it obviously wasn’t terrible! Overpasses are the only hills I’ll ever see in Florida so I try to embrace them as they come.

These “fast” miles were medium-hard effort. Not the crazy 9:30 pace prescribed on my plan as my “tempo pace,” but definitely harder than my usual easy pace. By the end of the fast mile I wanted to slow down but I didn’t feel like I needed to walk to recover. I didn’t take any walk breaks in the whole 6 miles which makes me proud! Just a couple water fountain pit stops.
Fall in Florida means our trees try really hard to be pretty for just a few minutes!

Saturday I took the day off to recover from the harder effort and to give my body some rest before my scheduled 14 mile long run on Sunday. I got to spend the day with my mom and sisters baking cookies and eating lunch on the beach, which involved a very squishy baby pit-bull who was discovering the ocean for the first time! *57 heart eye emojis*
Beach lunch may be sandy, but still so fun. (Sorry for cutting off your face, mom.)

When we were growing up, my mom used to always say “sisters are forever friends.” It was one of her catchphrases that she said so often we’ll never be able to forget it. She would force us to talk about our problems, apologize, and forgive each other. It was horrible. But I’m so thankful that she worked hard to teach us because now my sisters are my best friends. We have to work really hard to keep it that way, but it will always be worth it.
Sisters are forever friends because they have to apologize for judging you.

How is your November so far? Started doing any Christmas-ey things yet?

Runners: do you get nervous before your speed workouts??


One thought on “Cookies and Beach Adventures

  1. Yes! I Christmas-ied already by buying my first two presents. Of course they were toys and of course they were for Baily and Brooke. 🙂


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