Getting ready for the Cocoa Beach Half Marathon

Hello and happy Saturday!

Reecy and I are enjoying the morning on the couch and we just saw a huge spotted Great Dane walking down our sidewalk! He lives on the street behind ours, which I have been avoiding for about a year now because he hangs out in his human’s garage on a very long chain and he likes to lunge out after Reecy which always causes a bit of a fluster. But he’s so beautiful, so it was fun to see him again anyway. 🙂

In other dog news, yesterday’s run spotted SO MANY PUPPIES. One puppy chased/tripped me and he was so squishy and didn’t really know how to use his legs yet. His owners were also walking a husky on a long, thin retractable leash, which I didn’t see until it practically clotheslined me… Then there was an iconic moment where I saw a little curly white guy standing on the side of a hill with the sun setting behind him and gleaming through his fur. It was picturesque and a little magical. The Econ Greenway Trail is the place to be at sunset if you’re obsessed with dogs.

Cocoa Beach Half Marathon | CasiRuns

Today is the day before my Cocoa Beach Half Marathon, so you know what that means: you get to look at pictures of my stuff! It’s like I’m giving you free permission to snoop on me. I think that’s the appeal of blogging and reading other people’s blogs…it satisfies our nosy sides. I included tons of links in case you like something. Snoop away!

Pre-Race Essentials

Cocoa Beach Half Marathon | CasiRuns

  • My favorite sunscreen – super moisturizing and absorbs quickly, and has never failed me yet!
  • Covergirl waterproof mascara – cause I like to look pretty okay?
  • Body Gliiiiiiiiiide – I’ll put this around my waistband, bra straps, bra band. Any skin that could possibly feel bad after 2 hours of sweaty running.
  • Vaseline – I put Vaseline on my eyelids and outside corners of my eyes. Maybe weird, but my skin gets so sensitive to the salt from my sweat, especially after I’ve wiped at them a few times during a run. I have found that putting a thin layer of Vaseline in the “eye cream” zone keeps my eyelids from screaming at me!
  • I forgot to put deodorant in this pic, but let’s get real, there’s no way to not stink after a long run. Though deodorant does keep the armpits from chafing.

The Outfit

Cocoa Beach Half Marathon | CasiRuns

This outfit is basically exactly the same as my last race, just in different colors.

  • UA Bra – here. Seriously the most wonderful bra ever for D-cups or smaller. Super soft, doesn’t dig in anywhere, and dries really quickly.
  • Old Navy tank – last season but similar here and on sale! Cool and breezy, dries quickly, and doesn’t sag down to your knees when it’s soaked. What more can you ask for?
  • Capris from TJ Maxx. I would link some similar ones but TJ or Ross are really the only places to find compression pants for under $20.
  • Asics Socks – similar here. Still have never had any problems with these. I especially love the tab on the heel that prevents any slippage.
  • Brooks Ghost 7 – here. I actually just bought a new pair of these, but I’m sticking with the oldies for the race because they’re not broken in yet.

Racing Must-Haves

Cocoa Beach Half Marathon | CasiRuns

  • Nathan handheld water bottle – lesson learned. I do every long run with this so not sure why I thought it was a good idea to do the last race without it. It’s snug around my hand so I don’t have to hold on to it, and I don’t even realize it’s there. It holds my Nuun tablet, ID, and maybe a bag of chews or my headphones if I don’t want them in the Flipbelt.
  • Brooks “Run Happy” visor, because it reminds me to smile at people or else look like a huge contradiction. I’m all about things that force you to be kind. Haha.
  • FlipBelt! Woohoo! Can’t lie, it’s easier to run with no belt at all, but the Flipbelt is way better than holding my phone in my hand for two hours, and it can stash more food than I was stashing in my Nathan bottle.
  • Plantronics wireless headphones – charged and ready to go.
  • Nuun tabs in triberry – planning on keeping Nuun in the bottle for the whole race, and taking water from water stations if I need it.
  • Gu Energy gel in strawberry banana
  • Honey Stinger chews in pink lemonade
  • Garmin Forerunner 220 – my one true technology love. Other than my iPhone. And my Mac. It’s a close call.

Post-Race Essentials

Cocoa Beach Half Marathon | CasiRuns

  • Orlando City sweat towel because, represent!
  • Sockwell compression socks. Seriously look how cute they are! And the brand name is Sockwell!!! I can’t handle the adorableness. Compression socks feel so gooooood after a long run. It’s like a hug for your legs. I’ve never seen ones in cute patterns like these – usually they are solid, neon colors.

Here is to running a smarter race and not breaking down halfway through. My goal is to really enjoy this race and come away feeling proud of the effort I gave. Hopefully I’ll have a happier recap for you in a few days! See you on the flippity flip!


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