Cocoa Beach Half Marathon Training – 2 weeks left!

Good morning!

The Chicago Marathon is today!!! I hope all the bloggers I know who are running have a great race! I’m tracking one of them on the Chicago Marathon website. IT’S SO COOL. I will definitely run Chicago one day. Half of my dad’s family lives up there, so I will force them all to come cheer for me. 🙂

chicago marathon tracking CasiRuns
This is a screenshot of what the tracker looks like. Very cool. The runner guy moves along the map in real/slightly delayed time!

So, two weeks until my next race! I originally wanted this to be my first half marathon, but it didn’t really work out that way. It means more to me emotionally than the Volition race. My family goes to Cocoa Beach at least once per summer, usually several times per summer. We’ve been relaxing on that beach for over ten years, and the race actually starts (or finishes, not sure) at the park where we always park our cars. I love the whole town of Cocoa Beach – it feels like vacation to me!

Today’s Long Run – 10 miles

I started out the morning with some yummalicious French press coffee, English muffin with butter and cinnamon sugar, and a little bit of water. I hydrated a lot yesterday, so I wanted to see how the pee situation would change if I didn’t drink my usual large glass in the morning. (Spoiler: it worked. I didn’t have to stop mid-run to pee. Though I wouldn’t recommend that for summer runs.) My back was aching because of Mrs. Flow so I was hoping some exercise would shut that right up (it did.)

Reecy and I headed out the door for the first two miles. Our neighborhood loop is almost perfectly 2 miles, and it’s well lit so it was a good way to get some of the miles in before sunrise. The past few months I’ve avoided this route because I was bored of it, and also because you run in to a lot of middle/high schoolers waiting for their bus who stare at you awkwardly, but I have enjoyed it the past two weeks. Reecy was great on the leash. She heard a few dogs barking here and there but she listened to my “leave it” quite well this time. I’m so proud!! *mom face*

I tried to keep a very easy pace so I would have energy to run the whole run without walk breaks. The first mile or so of every run is deceptive because your legs are fresh, and I usually go out too fast even though it feels “easy.” Today I kept it around 11:30 for my warm up mile, and 11 minutes for the second mile. Turns out it is impossible to run with a dog without taking a hundred pit stops, but it’s okay. It’s worth it to run with my buddy.

I dropped her off at the house at the end of the 2 miles and I got my supplies all together for the next eight.

Cocoa Beach half marathon CasiRuns
Didn’t even use the BodyGlide today but it’s still the best invention in the world. Everyone buy some.

My FlipBelt came in the mail and I finally got to use it for a run! I wore it around SeaWorld yesterday but I didn’t really need it, so today was the true test. It does everything it claims to do – it didn’t bounce around, nothing fell out, it was super comfy. It did ride up just a little, but that’s because I have a large bum. It stayed in place once it wasn’t fighting with the booty. I loaded it up with the chews, the gel, my driver’s license and a $5 bill, a tab of Nuun which I never drank, and my phone, which is regrettable as you’ll soon find out.

Out the door again for the long leg of the run, I had a goal of keeping sub-11 minute miles and also a semi-goal of not walking. I go easy on myself with taking walk breaks because I’d rather walk for a minute than throw up, or pass out, etc. But I am being stricter with that rule than I was last training cycle. Saying “don’t cheat yourself” usually does the trick to keep me pushing through. It’s basically me saying to myself, “sure, you can take that unnecessary walk break, but are you going to be disappointed when you can’t run the entire race next time? Yes. So push through it.”

Here comes the frustrating part of today’s run: I’m a few minutes in to Mile 3 when Matt calls me to tell me that LiveTracking isn’t working on my Garmin. Boo. But before he can even say those words to me, I dropped my iPhone right on the sidewalk. Now, I’ve dropped my phone 6,844 times, but this must have been juuust the right angle to shatter the screen into a big ugly distracting spider web that catches your fingers when you scroll. I had the initial huge disappointment that inevitably comes when you smash your phone (every iPhone user knows how it feels. FIX THIS, APPLE) but then I was just angry! Angry at Matt for calling me while I was running, angry at Apple for making very breakable products, but mostly angry that my shiny toy was now broken. I let myself feel the emotions for a bit but as I was powering up a hill I reminded myself that a cell phone is just not a good enough reason to be angry at your husband. I decided at that moment to let it go, like Elsa, who doesn’t have a cell phone, but it’s impossible not to mention her in this sentence. Thank you to the hill on North Econ for making me tired enough that I was forced to let go of my anger. 🙂

After that episode, miles 3 through 5 were uneventful, though I did very much appreciate the cooler temperatures. At one point I could literally see the edge of a cloud of mist and I kept my eye on the edge until I passed through it. Then I saw some fluffy friends so obviously I had to take a picture:

Cocoa Beach half marathon CasiRuns
They were barking at me. But I love them.

This part of the trail is not as popular so it’s not as nice as other sections, but it was so beautiful today! Those yellow trees are my favorite.

Cocoa Beach half marathon CasiRuns

At Mile 6 my legs started giving me 10:20 and 10:30 miles, which is faster than my usual long run pace of 11-11:20, but I felt good so I just held on to it. I had a pretty steady pace hovering around the 10:30 mark all the way to the end of the run! I’m so happy! I’ve only done one speed workout but I’ve done a lot of strength work recently, so I guess it’s paying off (also running some really slow dog-miles and cell-phone miles early this morning helped a lot. Ha.)

Matt just bought a new road bike so he was going to meet up with me on the trail to ride next to me for a while, but we ended up just missing each other several times. I saw him on his bike in the driveway as I rounded on to our street. Very sweet of him to come ride with me, for as most of you know he does not know what 7 am looks like. The good news is that he loves his new bike and now he’ll have more fun riding to work with a fancy new toy.

Cocoa Beach half marathon CasiRuns

Important Run Stats:

Distance – 10.02 miles
Time – 1 hour 53 minutes
Dog sightings – 5 (including Reecy)
Bunny sightings – 2 small-eared brown ones. Adorbs.
Calories burned – 1,160 *fist pump*
Bowls of cereal consumed so far today – 3
Percent probability that Reecy will cuddle with me since we ran together – 74% more likely ❤
Time right now – 6:28 pm
Time it feels like – 11:28 pm

Thank you for paying attention to my extremely scientific and important running statistics, there will be a pop quiz on those later.

Two Weeks Left

Two weeks really means one week left, since the week before a race is a taper week. So, ONE WEEK LEFT of quality workouts to get in before I start resting and preparing for the race. How’s that for this week’s motivation?


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  1. So sorry about your phone…I know you will have it fixed before you run again! Great blog, you are doing well! Mom Robin

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