Weekend Update

This week was a bit of a fail for running. An off week for sure. I put off my mid-week 6 miler so long that I just ended up deleting it, and my Barre Revolution class I was so excited about had to be rescheduled because of some terrible traffic on my way home from work that night (Helloooo! If we could stop shooting at cops, that would be great.) It’s just SO DARK in the morning that it’s hard to get myself out the door. I don’t mind darkness if I get to see a sunrise at the end, but until the time changes that won’t be happening.

Sometimes these off weeks just happen, as Matt so husband-ly reminded me, so I’m trying not to get too worried about it.

I was able to squeak in a 3 miler this morning on my favorite loop which goes over the Econ Greenway. No pics because I didn’t bring my phone…but I did see an old woman pushing a cart with at least four small dogs inside. Chihuahuas and other small fluff balls. They were very upset with some squirrels. It was fantastic.

The rest of the day was spent moving my sister in to her new house! Banana pic for celebration!


I bought a new pair of my Brooks Ghost 7 today since they were on sale at Nordstrom Rack. That’s the wonderful thing about the internet – I got fitted for my running shoes at a running store, and got pro advice from an ultra-runner who does 100 mile runs and has lots of knowledge, etc, etc, and now that I know a shoe that I love I just scour the internet for the cheapest option. 🙂 Look at their wondrousness:

Brooks Ghost 7 CasiRuns
And pink!

I finally bought a FlipBelt after being bombarded with them on Pinterest for months. I read a lot of very good (albeit paid) reviews and I literally have not seen a single person in forums or otherwise who have been disappointed by the belt, so I thought it would be worth a try. I need something to hold my phone so I can have music, take pictures, and most importantly so Matt can use the Garmin app on his phone to track my Garmin watch (the live tracking works through the app, rather than directly from the watch…kindof annoying.) Anyway here’s the belt!

FlipBelt CasiRuns

I also made a trip to the wonderful Academy Sports to restock my running fuel. I got a new flavor of Nuun called Tri-berry, a few Honey Stinger chews, and some Honey Stinger gels to try. Gels really are the easiest fuel to eat and to carry so I’m going to try and find one I like.

Honey Stinger Nuun stash

I’ve got a long run planned for tomorrow before church. I’m going to try and do 8 or 10 miles, nice and slow. Which means I should be heading to bed right about now!

Good night and happy weekend!


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Thanks for being such a great sister today, by cleaning and cleaning your sister’s first home. And you ran 3 miles today, before you did it, which stupefies me.


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