Outfit Plans for My First Half Marathon

It’s finally here! Race day is tomorrow, bright and early!!! I have not run very much this week due to the taper so I’m feeling ready for a nice long run.

I picked up my race packet yesterday, which included the race bib (I’m number 12. Sort of awkward to have such a low number but that’s what I get for having a B last name I guess.) and a tech shirt that is too big. It fits Matt actually, so he’ll probably use it for biking to work. It was fun going to Fit2Run yesterday but on the way there I got lost inside of Disney World! Why does it have to be so big?? I was literally driving for an hour before I got to Downtown Disney. 😦 And this was after having a dentist appointment and having a headache all day. Matt took care of my pitiful self and bought me Chick-fil-a, which always solves everything.

That unpleasant day behind me, I’m more in the running spirit this morning. So here is what I’ve decided to wear for my first half marathon:

half marathon outfit casi runs

  • Brooks Ghost 7 shoes. I have really loved these shoes. I got them at Track Shack, our running store in Orlando, where a nice employee (who runs ultramarathons…100 miles at a time…whaaat?) watched me walk and run, and then fit me for my specific needs. I will be repurchasing these next month since they have about 350 miles on them now.
  • Brooks “Run Happy” visor. 🙂
  • Asics socks. These are great moisture-wicking socks. Your feet are soaked by the end of 8-10 miles anyway (ew?), but I have never had a blister on my feet and I think it’s due to these wicking, cushioney socks.
  • Bluetooth Headphones. Wonderful wireless headphones. Love these. I can control volume and pause/start with buttons on the ears. They stay in really well and the strap around the head doesn’t bounce around.
  • Garmin Forerunner 220 *heart eyes* My new GPS watch. Matt bought it for me for my first race. It tracks time, distance, pace, a whole lot of other details about your run, and it has Live Tracking so Matt can see where I am on a run, and how fast I’m going.
  • Black running capris. Bought these at TJ Maxx, which is one of the best places for workout gear on a budget. Bottoms are usually $10-15.
  • Under Armour sports bra. Love this, so soft and comfy. Will be purchasing 400 more.
  • Pink tank from Old Navy.

I’ll be carrying my phone since that’s where my music comes from, and so I can use Live Tracking so Matt knows when to get to his cheering spots.

My Garmin is currently beeping at me incessantly so I must remember to charge it. (We tested the Live Tracking last night and apparently I never stopped my Garmin….it had been running for 7 hours this morning. Oops.)

Tonight we are going to our local discount athletic store (It’s called Academy Sports. It’s so cheeeeappp) to get my chews and gels and such, and then out to Olive Garden for a nice spaghetti dinner.

So happy that there is only one day of work left before my race! Wish me luck! Next post I write will be a recap of my first half marathon!!! 🙂


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