Needing motivation = post full of gifs.

Halp. I need motivation.
It’s been so long since I have run a race. My cubie wall has not changed in a few months.

race bibs cubicle wall

I think from now on I will try to sprinkle some 5ks in my training cycles because they keep me excited about running. I have postponed a run three times this week, and there’s no reason for it other than I’m just not that excited about it. My getting-ready-for-a-run times have felt like this:

casi runs motivation fail

Good news is that my half marathon is only one week away now. *woot*

I only have a few runs left:

  • Tonight’s hard 6 mile run
  • Sunday’s long run – 8 miles (it’s another cutback week, or my first taper, as it is known in the running world…tapering is when you drastically reduce your mileage the week or two before a race so your legs have time to fully recuperate and so they can feel as awesome as possible on race day.)
  • A few 2 mile shake out runs – one run at my goal race pace so I can memorize the feel of the pace, and another one run really easy to keep my legs loosey goosey.

ministry of silly walks

I don’t think this race will have an expo, which is sad. I’m looking forward to finally getting to go to a race expo! A farmer’s market filled with just running stuff? Yes please.

I’m picking up the race packet on Thursday from Fit2Run at Downtown Disney, which is cool because I love all running stores, and also because Downtown Disney has the coolest parking garage ever. Also there is an Avengers store.

I have a dentist appointment on Thursday so hopefully nothing weird happens there before the race.

Speaking of dentists…I’ve had SO MUCH sugar this week, which has probably contributed to why I feel so lethargic. I should focus on getting good meals this week so I have energy…

brownies casi runs

I’ve still got to decide what to wear for the race. I think I know, but I still have to decide. I think I’ll do a post about my race packing list this week.

That’s all of my pre-race-week thoughts for now.

thor smiling


2 thoughts on “Needing motivation = post full of gifs.

  1. NooooOOOOOOOoooo! Please don’t be unmotivated because in exercise, you are MY motivator!!!! And I need to exercise because of my heart, and I also need to walk because that is when I pray, so if I don’t walk I won’t have as much time to pray for you and your sisters and other people and plus I just wanna lose weight even though after 4 months of consistent walking I haven’t really lost ANY – soooooo, that brings me to the end of my run-on sentence (which should be read really fast) and sums up the fact that I NEED you to be motivated. .. . . . . . . No pressure. . . . . . . . not really . . . . . .well, kind-a.


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