August Training Recap

August was a good month for me, training-wise. My body feels strong, I don’t feel tired throughout the day (unless it was a long run that morning), and I have a positive attitude about my upcoming races. I’m really looking forward to my two half marathons. The first one – Volition America Half Marathon – is going to be pretty small with around 600 people, so not sure how that will go. My mom may do the 5k which will be awesome! The great thing about this race is that I’m planning to do one of my remaining long runs on part of the course, so I’ll know what to expect on race day.

The Good: 

  • Ran a total of 83.5 miles, with an average of 19 miles per week. One week had 25 miles, my biggest mileage week so far.
  • I got strength training or yoga in at least once per week.
  • Several long runs gave me a chance to find out what mid-run nutrition works for me (Honey Stinger chews!) and what clothes I would like to wear for my race.

The Weird:

  • I switched from a Sunday long run to a Saturday long run, so one week technically had two long runs. Thankfully the second long run was a cutback week run, so it wasn’t too overwhelming.
  • It’s been 100% humidity nearly all month, which means you basically feel like Ariel when you’re trying to breathe. It also means your sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly which means you stay overheated longer. Looking forward to the humidity going down these next months (though not looking forward to cooler weather. boo.)
  • Tiny bit of knee pain at the end of longer runs, but I am correcting this with lots of glute and hip strengthening!

To Improve:

  • I tended to skip the second 3 miler of the week, due to scheduling issues or other excuse. It doesn’t feel as important to me. My goal for August is to see the importance (maybe I will treat it as a recovery run or to shake out my legs before the weekend long run) so I will be motivated to stick to it. Especially with my race so close, I want to get all the benefits out of my plan that I can.

Goals for September:

  • Increase strength training to at least twice per week, focusing on core and glutes/hips (prime injury prevention zones, ya’ll)
  • I want to work on eliminating walk breaks, especially from my shorter runs. I need to work on my mental game. While there is nothing WRONG with taking walk breaks (US Olympic runner and famous running coach Jeff Galloway is an advocate for them), mine are usually because of mental weakness and not physical. Maybe I need to come up with a mantra to power me through…
  • Focus on finishing my first training cycle with excellence! This includes abundant sleep (7 hours nightly for me), awareness of my nutrition (especially focusing on getting enough protein), and completing every run in the plan with purpose.
  • Run my first half marathon!!!

convince your mind to run


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