Weekly Training Review – 5 weeks til my first half marathon!

The countdown is officially on. I am obsessed with counting down to things – especially my birthday. There is definitely always a ten day countdown for birthdays. My wedding had a 100 day countdown…it was probably annoying. I just get excited, okay? Anyway, so five weeks until my first half!!!

My runs for the week:

Sunday Long Run – 10 miles. The plan for this run was to leave my house, run the 4 miles down to Univ. of Central Florida campus, around the 2 mile loop of the campus, and back home. The 4 mile straightaway is a drive I have driven probably forty-seven thousand times, but running it was a different experience. I discovered some new dogs, which is always nice :). At the start of mile 4 I ate some Honey Stinger chews in Orange Blossom. They were DELISH. I definitely like chews better than gels so far. These are almost like a fruit snack, but juicier. It was a refreshing flavor after running for a while. I’ll definitely repurchase. I told myself I would eat half a bag, and have the other half around mile 7, but I ended up eating more than half. I’ll probably need to take a couple bags for my next long run. They were so yummy I actually want to snack on them right now. *salivates*

giphy (1)

In my three years at UCF, I only ran around campus once or twice. It was always uncomfortable because A) I was out of shape, B) I ran it with a guy who was really in shape and that is a recipe for certain death, and C) I was very easily intimidated by all the people everywhere. This time was nice because the campus was still closed for the summer, so it was completely empty except for a maintenance man in a golf cart here or there. The campus really is beautiful and relaxing once you’re not drowning in the stress of the semester. 😉 It was quite a literal stroll down memory lane! I got to run past the buildings where I had most of my classes, the little paved area by the dumpsters where I would always pick up my friends from their dorm, the intersection where I got hit by a car (!), the intersection where I totally ate it while long boarding and proceeded to launch my friend’s long board into oncoming traffic…good times! I stopped in a new Dunkin’ Donuts to go to the bathroom and refill my water bottle and got some odd looks, but one of the workers was really nice to me and gave me a huge glass of cold water. I filled my bottle, walked outside, and proceeded to dump the rest of the water on my head and neck. So nice.

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that my Nike dri-fit shorts stay dry and breezy until precisely mile 8, when they immediately become riding-up suction cup shorts. Odd, and very annoying. At least now I know that those are ruled out for race day.

Tuesday 3 mi – Ran this at the gym on the treaddy, almost forgot about it completely because treadmill runs are so forgettable. But it did the trick to get my miles in after work.

Wednesday 5 mi – Nice little easy 5 around my usual paths. Was good and relaxing. For some reason every time I do a 5 mile run I am late to work. I must think I can run it faster than I actually can…

Friday 3 mi – Reecy got to come with me on this one! We did the first two miles nice and easy, then I dropped her off at the house so I could do my last mile. I ended up with negative splits for each mile, by a whole minute each!!! I felt pretty good about that the rest of the day.



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