Eating While Running – two of my favorite things to do.

To my non-runner readers: I’m sure you know that runners eat all the time. But did you know that we even eat WHILE running? Yes…this truly is a life full of wonderful things.

I’ve heard varying opinions on when to consume long-run nutrition, when to hydrate, when to add electrolytes to your water, what to eat, what not to eat, bla bla bla. With all these differing views, I just try to do what works best for me. I’m currently trial-and-erroring my way through, since this is my first round of distance training. Thankfully I haven’t really had any real errors (read: the poops). The common baseline seems to be that for every hour of running, you should consume 100 calories of easily digestible sugars/carbs. Runner’s World says 30-60 grams of carbohydrates for every hour. I have a ravenous metabolism so I have been eating every 45 minutes on a run, and that has been working for me. I may try every 30 minutes for my next long run and see how that works.

Here are the options I have tried so far:

  1. Clif Shot – Mocha flavor
    These little “shots” are pretty interesting. They are a gel consistency, like pudding, and you squeeze them out like toothpaste into your mouth. They definitely need a swig or two of water to wash down. The mocha flavor tasted pretty good! I’m a sucker for anything chocolate or coffee related, so I could see myself buying this flavor again. I don’t know if I’m the biggest fan of gels in general because they can be a little messy, and they’re not that enjoyable to eat, but they are pretty convenient and if your goal is to suck down your nutrition during a race, then gels would be ideal.
  2. Clif Shot – Strawberry flavor
    Super gross. Omg. I thought fruity flavors would be more appetizing when you’re dripping hot in 80 degree weather. You know, like a tropical smoothie while you’re sitting on the beach….yeah this was not like that. It felt like I was drinking a PB&J sandwich. *barf* I got some new fruity flavors in chew form instead of gel form, so hopefully those flavors are more appealing, but more on that later.
  3. Raisins
    Convenient, cheap, easy to get down quickly. I wrapped a handful of raisins in saran wrap and shoved the bundle in my little key pocket in my capris. They didn’t get too melty or sticky. They’re not very exciting, but they did the trick.

For the Clif Shots, I only take half a shot at once, or even less. Then 15-30 minutes later I will have another few mouthfuls. I haven’t had any stomach issues doing it that way. I don’t think I would enjoy taking a whole shot at once, just because they take a bit of time to swallow and I just don’t want to deal.

I just bought some Nuun Tablets, which are electrolyte tablets to dissolve in your water. The guy at the running store told me to drink it the night before a long run, but I have also heard to drink it on the run?? So I’ll just have to experiment I guess. I also bought two chew flavors from Honey Stinger in Pink Lemonade and Orange Blossom. Really excited to try those because they seem much easier to eat on the run, and they seem more enjoyable than a squishy gel.


Can you tell I like pink lemonade flavor? Lol. Hopefully it still tastes good to me after an hour of running!


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