Weekly Rundown (OMG THAT PUN)

I can never decide if I love or hate puns. They are hilarious and eye-roll inducing at the same time. Matt makes fun of me for this because when he tells a pun, which is basically all he does all day, I roll my eyes and hardly laugh…but when my sister or a TV show or something makes a pun, I laugh hysterically. Sorry Matt…lol. I will try to laugh at your puns more often.

This week held a lot of nice accomplishments for me – this whole training-for-a-new-distance thing is awesome because even if you don’t have the greatest run one day, you’re still doing more than you ever have before! Feels real nice.

  • Sunday Long Run – 8 miles! We were at Matt’s parents’ house this weekend since his family was visiting from Tennessee. I got to run on the Pinellas Trail, a paved bike path that goes from Tarpon Springs to St. Pete. It was a great run. I always like getting to see some new scenery, even though this run was mostly before the sun came up and the section I ran went past neighborhoods…not exactly thrilling. But still a nice change of pace from my usual routes. I have felt so proud of that 8 miler all week long!
  • Wednesday 3 mi – I was pretty tired on Tuesday morning so I pushed this one out to Wednesday. There is a fine line between laziness and taking care of your body. I like to think I’m doing the latter…ha. Reecy came out with me for this run and she poo’d like four times??? Glad I could help you clear things up, Reecy.
  • Thursday 5 mi – This was a good run in retrospect. At the time it was super difficult! I think it was a combination of sleep, stress, and tired legs from the week’s miles. Saw some guys in Army gear training on the trail. One of them wished me a nice run and I wish I would have thanked him for serving! My brain seriously empties when I run. It was fun seeing them out there anyway.

    love them sunrise selfies
    love them sunrise selfies
  • Saturday 3 mi – This one was supposed to be Friday, but it just wasn’t going to happen Friday morning. Matt and I had dately plans in the evening, so the run just got moved to Saturday AM. Unfortunately, I slept in (glorious) and didn’t get out the door until 10 am (SO HOT). It was only in the 80s but it felt like the 90s! There was a nice breeze, and I tried to take a route with a lot of shade, but let’s be honest, shade doesn’t really happen in Orlando. It’s a paved paradise here. *barf* Anyway, that’s what you get when you don’t get your booty out the door before the sun comes up.

I’m happy to report that I got alllllllllllllll my miles in this week! Hasn’t happened in a few weeks so it feels good to know I did it. I ran 19 miles this week! My highest weekly mileage ever! 🙂 That makes a total of 69.5 miles for the month of July!

Switching gears: I’ve been trying to be more conscious of getting good nutrients in my diet. Left to my own devices, I would eat cereal three times a day (This was proven when I lived by myself for a year. A deliciously unhealthy time.) Especially now that I’m forcing my body to do an hour and a half of cardio at a time, my muscles need fuel! My biggest issue is getting enough protein since I’m not really a fan of meat. I have to be intentional about making sure I include protein in my meals. So far my protein sources are mainly chicken, nuts, nut butters, and whole grain hot cereals. I would love to make eggs with greens for my post-run breakfast but I just don’t have time. I have about 30 minutes for shower + makeup before leaving for the office, so I usually have a bowl of multigrain hot cereal or oatmeal at the office with some peanut butter. Currently it’s this one: Better Oats Organic Instant Multigrain Hot Cereal. It’s not bad if you add honey and cinnamon. Fresh fruit makes it actually really enjoyable.

soy latte - protein. mmmmmm.
soy latte – protein. mmmmmm.

I am certainly not a cook or a foodie, but I am trying to learn to enjoy cooking because it’s so necessary when eating healthy. There aren’t really quick-fixes for eating clean, like cereal or a box of macaroni and cheese. (Useless fact: once when I was a kid I forgot what the word ‘macaroni’ meant. You know how if you say a word too many times it loses its meaning? That happened, but without saying the word over and over. My mom was very annoyed that I couldn’t tell her whether I wanted macaroni or not. It’s a great memory. 😀 ) So I’ll continue trying to enjoy cooking. I try to pay attention when my friends are cooking dinner – I tend to learn best when I can actually see how the ingredients are being prepared rather than reading a recipe. I shall keep you updated if I find any good recipes, but I highly doubt this will ever become a food blog.

Or do you have any go-to recipes that are nutritious and simple enough for a non-cook to replicate?


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