Something happened to me a few months ago. I was standing in a CVS, minding my own business, when all of the sudden I saw something across the aisle that caused me to have a “stop the world” moment. If you don’t know what a “stop the world” moment is, think back fondly to a time when you have accidentally snoozed your alarm too many times and then you woke up with four and a half minutes to get ready for work. The *GASP! jump-out-of-bed, land-in-a-superman-pose* while you quickly assess your situation is what my family refers to as a “stop the world” moment. It actually comes quite naturally when you’re panicking about something, for example: my mom and sister once forgot to account for two hours of driving time in their plans to leave for the airport. They planned to be at the airport two hours early, but had to stop the world when they realized they had to leave IMMEDIATELY.

So in the aisle of CVS, I had to stop the world. I did it silently, and covertly, because I am Casi and I cannot be bothered to make a scene in a public place, but three feet away I beheld a sight I had been waiting ten years to behold.

Crispy M&Ms have returned to the United States.


You guys. This is so important. For ten years I have remembered this delicious, crisp, chocolate coated delight as the best candy of all time. I don’t remember when I first tasted their goodness, but it stuck with me. They were discontinued and for ten years the world was distraught. I often thought about writing Mars to ask them to bring them back, but apparently thousands of other chocolate lovers did write them, because in October 2014 Mars announced the return. of Crispy. M&Ms. (Yes I did read a press release from a chocolate company. No shame for my addiction.)

Now obviously M&Ms are integral to running…kidding. My blog does say that anything “loosely related” to running is fair game. Actually, peanut M&Ms or pretzel M&Ms could make pretty decent mid-run snacks if you could keep them from melting, because they have good amounts of easily digestible carbs and sugars. Crispy M&Ms are pretty much useless though, except for being amazing.

So take this as a half-year late announcement that my favorite candy is back on the market! I heartily indulged that first day in CVS and if I could trust my skin to stay clear I would eat them all day, every day. It’s probably for the better that I don’t do that. I am just happy to know that they exist again, and I will enjoy them as much as possible while forcing everyone around me be as excited as I am. 🙂


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