Weekly Running Review – Some Missed Miles and a Haircut Idea

Hello! I’m a few weeks into my half marathon training plan so to help keep me on track, I’m going to schedule a reminder to do a weekly review of the week’s runs. I love looking at my logged runs in the Nike Plus app or on Mapmyrun.com, but no one else can see those, so they don’t really hold me accountable.

This week marks Week 5 of Hal Higdon’s plan. I’m following the Half Marathon Novice 2 plan. I have shuffled some of the days around to fit my weekly schedule, but the miles are all the same. A “pace” run means you run those at your goal race pace – since this is my first go at even covering 13.1 miles, I’m not really serious about the “pace” runs, but I do try to run them at a harder effort.

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Plan - Novice 2
Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Plan – Novice 2

To be truthful, since I still feel self conscious about my pace, which is around 11:00 min/mile for my easy pace, I have a hard time getting myself to stay in the EASY zone for easy runs. I think this is common with most runners. It’s so fun to be fast! But it’s better to be safe and be able to enjoy running for the next few decades than to try and push my body too hard. Pace is all relative anyway; I read blogs by super speedy marathoners (7 and 8 minute milers, most of them) so I think my 10 min/mile is turtleish, but I know there are other runners who would roll their eyes at me for saying 10 minutes is slow.

On to this week’s runs:

  • Sunday Long Run – was supposed to be 8 miles. I woke up too late for 8 miles so I squeezed in 4 miles before church, thinking I would run the other 4 in the evening. That didn’t happen. 😦 So I just decided to use this week as my cut-back week, giving myself a break from the increasing mileage. Next Sunday will be the 8 miles instead of the prescribed 5k.
  • Tuesday 3 mi – Early AM 3 miler with Reecy. I walked out the door planning to do this one at a 10 min pace, which I kept pretty well. The trouble with running with Reecy is that she has to stop and poo like at least three times, and since she tragically can’t speak English, she jerks me to a stop each time. I feel bad for her actually because it hurts my arm where I loop it through the leash, but it jerks her neck! Gotta be worse for her. But she can’t care that much because she begs to run with me every time she sees my shoes.
  • Thursday 4 mi – AM easy peasy run. Since I did Tuesday’s at my race pace, I went super easy today. (See how good I am at following the Hal Higdon plan? *sarcasm* I’m just trying to get the miles in however my body wants to do them that day.) Felt quite good, though I was absolutely dripping with sweat afterwards. Like, horrendously. I’m not exaggerating. Florida summers are not kidding around, even at 6 am!!!
  • Friday 3 mi – This run was interrupted by a nice 6 am RAIN SHOWER…what even is Florida? I did 2 miles instead of 3…kinda bummed about that, but oh well. One of these weeks I’ll actually get in all the miles on the schedule.

I’m looking forward to that 8 miler this weekend. I love getting to cover a new distance…it feels so good once you’re finished; you’re so proud of yourself. I realize this is the only time I’ll experience running a new distance for the first time so I’m savoring it! Unless one day I decide to do an Ultra or something (unlikely).

I don’t have any pictures from this week’s runs, but here is a pic of the haircut I want to get soon:

so messy and fantastic
so messy and fantastic

My hair is very long right now so I’m trying to figure out how to keep it in a bun while running. It is horrible having to brush out a sweaty ponytail before getting in the shower. I would like my hair to stay off of my back for the whole run, plz. Today I used two thick hair ties, one in a ponytail and one to secure the bun, which worked pretty well but started bouncing too much towards the end of mile 2. So I’ll keep working on that issue while I wait for a good Ulta Salon coupon to align with available money in my Wanty budget. 🙂

Happy Friday!


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