Song Obsessions – Can’t Stop Hitting Replay

Song obsessions – we all have them. Those songs you can’t get enough of, so you play them 50 thousand times and then suddenly you’ve heard it one too many times, and you never want to listen to it again! The song-hating part is not really what this post is about, but at least now you know the obsession I’m talking about. I go through these love-hate cycles all the time with running music, so what else can be done but tell the internet about it! Keep your eye out for these if you’re a music lover; my loves/hates of the week or month or past five minutes will show up pretty regularly on the blog.

These are the songs that spike my motivation when they come through my headphones during a run. If I’m starting to drag my feet, I’ll click on one of these and they give me the boost I need to run strong. Also they make me want to dance, but that is super hard while running, and you look like a fool. 🙂 Here are my current loves:

Where are U Now – Skrillex ft Justin Bieber – I was once a Bieber hater but omg this song! Also he is so adorable in his recent interviews, trying to fix his reputation. I have compassion on the lil Biebs.

Elastic Heart – Sia  – This song is the bomb dot com.

Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde – Lorde is my spirit animal. If only I was a bolder, more curly-haired New Zealander. This is such a girl-power song and I love it. Plus, it was written for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, which is basically too much for me to handle in terms of things that I fangirl about.

7/11 – Beyonce – just listen to this song next time you’re 4 miles deep in a run and tell me it doesn’t give you energy.

Tell me your song obsessions of the moment! What do you keep replaying to the point that your roommates want to kill you? 🙂


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