Birthday Run and Paddleboard Fun

That title rhymes and I sort of hate myself for it but I can’t think of anything else right now. Also, this is super late, my birthday was on Memorial Day so it is now a full MONTH past my birthday, but I love these pictures and I want to share them!

I started out the day with an easy 3.5 on my favorite route. It felt real nice. Every time I go over this bridge I feel like I have to take a selfie. It’s just a requirement to take selfies when you’re over water.

Gator-Infested Econ Greenway

The Friday before my birthday, my team at the office surprised me with a cake and balloons and this adorable candle headband, which I then forced my dog to wear, because that’s what dogs are for. 🙂 Our CEO is a yoga-nut and she pays for an in-office yoga class every Friday, which is why I’m in yoga pants. Oh how I wish yoga pants were the norm!

My cubie – flowers, cake, and balloons from my sweet coworkers
Reecy being so thrilled to wear this headband

The Saturday before my birthday a group of friends went down the Weeki Wachee River with me. It’s Florida’s famous mermaid river – look it up. It is magical. We kayaked, canoed, paddleboarded, etc.

My hubs
The group! And the nose of my wonderful Riviera SUP ❤

I tried a bridge (wheel pose?) on my paddle board for the first time. It was a little exhilarating, not gonna lie. Though looking back at the pictures I can see the my form is LACKING. I’ll work on that. Maybe. Probably not. I love yoga but I have found I don’t really have the motivation for really getting good at it. It is a goal in the back of my mind to nail a few poses, so one of these days I’ll get serious about improving them (the splits and some headstand variations are the ones I like).

Terrible form. Also it looks like my head is about to pop off.
Terrible form. Also it looks like my head is about to pop off.

No birthday is complete without indulging in your current dessert obsession! Am I the only one who gets fixated on certain desserts for like a month at a time? The last phase I went through was donuts! The one before that was brownies. Right now I am in an in-between phase, which basically means all sweets are free game. But at least I’m not obsessing over a specific kind. That’s an improvement, right??

These beauties are from a lil place called Donut King. LOOK AT THE M&M ONE OMG
These beauties are from a lil place called Donut King. LOOK AT THE M&M ONES OMG

Better late than never. Happy belated birthday to me. 😉


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