This week’s running overview

This week started with a little bit of a struggle but I ended up getting out the door three times. I am working on building a strong mileage base so I can begin my half marathon training next month. This month I am planning to run 4 times a week, one of those being a long run and the other three being between 3 and 5 miles each. The month is halfway over now, but oh well. At least there is a plan. Here is what my week looked like:

Wednesday – 3 mile treadmill run on my lunch break

Thursday – 3 miles at 9:00pm with Matt long boarding behind me

Saturday – 5 slow miles in the morning.

The treadmill run was horrible as I wrote about last week. Won’t be running during lunch again but I did enjoy getting to the gym. It’s so empty at lunchtime, plus it’s really nice to have an hour away from the computer screen. I’ll probably go to do strength exercises.

Thursday’s run was pretty nice. It felt amazing outside when we started out! Of course, for me that means it was 80 degrees, so after ten minutes of running it doesn’t feel so wonderful outside anymore. I love having Matt with me on my runs even though we had to be single file on the sidewalk most of the time. Some college kid in a pickup truck cat-called us and Matt shouted “YOU’RE WELCOME!” It was hilarious. Cat calls when you’re running alone = obnoxious and terrifying. Cat calls when your husband is beside you = still obnoxious but at least he can make it entertaining.

I am getting bored of my usual routes so I tried to change it up a little on Saturday. I ran part of my usual drive to work, which goes through a nice neighborhood.  It was alright but I don’t think I’ll do that route again. There was a lot of traffic even at 8:00 am on a Saturday. I don’t mind running next to cars but it’s just not as relaxing to me as running through or near nature. There are a few great paved bike trails here that I like to run on, so I’ll just have to start getting creative with my route planning to make things more interesting. Don’t know what I’m going to do when I start running 2- and 3-times more miles than usual. Orlando doesn’t have a huge selection of safe places for a girl to run alone.


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