How to Be a Runner without Washing Your Hair

Is this title too gross? I get a lot of bad reactions when I tell people I hate showers. I don’t judge them, I know it’s weird. I grew up with two very clean sisters.

Now before this gets too far – I do shower regularly!!! I have a husband and an office job. I have to be presentable. I’m just saying that I get no joy from it. People are always saying, “Oh I wish I could just have a nice steaming hot shower right now.” Or, “Can’t wait to get home so I can just shower.” I’m pretty sure I have never said anything similar to that. My thoughts are more along the lines of “I better take a shower since I just put clean sheets on my bed.” (Just kidding, lol………)

My main issue with showering is that I have very sensitive skin. If I put soap on my skin every day, it gets so sensitive that I don’t even want Matt to rest his hand on my back or hold my hand. It’s problematic. My other issue is that I definitely do not want to wash my hair that often. My hair takes a long time to get oily *hallelujah chorus* and I don’t want to train it to make more oil by stripping it with shampoo every day. (Yes, that is what you are doing if you wash your hair every day. #science.)

Since I run 3-4 times a week, I only shower on running days (also on days when we do something messy like go to the dog park or swim in a river or have a paint war, etc.) These showers are body only! I wash my hair about once a week. I use this super moisturizing one by Olay and I’ll use it on a loofah if I feel like my skin wants to be scrubbed that day.

Surprisingly, my hair does fine in between hair washes even after several humid Florida runs! The key to this is dry shampoo. *happy dance because dry shampoo is soooo amazing.*

My favorite is this one by Dove. It makes my hair look clean, it doesn’t have a strong smell but it definitely takes away any sweat smells, and it makes my hair FEEL clean. I will review some of the other dry shampoos I’ve tried in a later post. You do notice a bit more texture in your hair on dry shampoo days. It’s not silky soft like a fresh blow out. Though I think this is a good thing because it has more volume and hold this way.

After my run, I will spray dry shampoo on my roots, focusing mainly on the roots right around my face and the top of my head (like where cat ears would go if you wore a cat ear headband. I know, my technical explanations are unbeatable.) and then pull it up into a loose ponytail or clip while I jump in the shower. Then I do a quick body rinse and use my super moisturizing Olay wash, shave if needed, and I’m done! I wash my face when I get out of the shower because shower water is generally too hot for precious little face skin. (I take cooler showers after a run because I tend to overheat if the water is too hot, but you should wash your face AFTER a shower anyway because shampoo or soap remnants could drip on your face during your shower and it’s better just to do it afterwards over the sink.)

Once the shower is done, I let down the ponytail and I rub in the dry shampoo. By now it’s had time to really soak up any sweat and oil. You just rub your roots exactly like you would if you were trying to lather shampoo. The dry shampoo will disappear once you’ve rubbed it in fully. Sometimes I will shoot my roots with a blow dryer for a few seconds to give it some lift and to dry anything that got wet from the shower.

This miraculous little product lets me go a minimum of four days without washing my hair. If I’m not running, I can go even longer between washes. Here’s what the ideal hair week looks like for me:

Day 1 – Non Running Day – Wash, condition, blow dry
Day 2 – Run – A little dry shampoo in sweaty areas of scalp, wear hair down.
Day 3 – Non Running Day – Yesterday’s dry shampoo keeps today’s hair oil-free.
Day 4 – Run – A little dry shampoo in sweaty areas, Wear hair down but curl loosely with curling wand.
Day 5 – Run – A lot of dry shampoo today, wear hair down with yesterday’s curls or wear up in a pony with a thin headband.
Day 6 – Wash hair.

This is the ideal schedule, but it often changes depending on my week’s running schedule or if I have to look nicer than usual one day. I wash my hair after a long run, because Florida heat just makes those too sweaty. I should also note that my hair will only last this long if I blow dry it the first day. Air dried hair doesn’t last as long – not sure why.

Someone please comment and tell me that you also like to go days and days without washing your hair. I know you’re out there! I have a lot of hippie friends!


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