May Goals and June Fails

(so far. only like 4 fails in the first week of June so things are looking good.)

Last month (May) my goal was to run 50 miles total. Which I did!!! It felt really awesome. Though in week 2 I was sick for some random reason, to the point of throwing up, which ruined my 8-year streak of not throwing up. I am mad about this. So I ended up making up for week 2’s missed miles in the last week, meaning I ran 17 miles in one week which is a lot more than my usual mileage. On top of the extra mileage, I had my moon cycle (got that cheesy term from a fantasy book I read recently…hilarious), so I was super tired and lost some motivation, since my races are still so far out.

So June has been a slow start. I keep skipping my 6am’s! I wake up, put on my running clothes, eat a little cereal, and then promptly fall asleep on the couch. Apparently my body needs the sleep but it’s a little ridiculous. So today since I couldn’t get my booty out the door at 6am again, I packed a gym bag so I could do a treadmill run during lunch. Good plan, right?

Well today I learned that I can’t get to the gym, do 3 miles, clean up and change, and drive back to work all in my 1 hour lunch break! Also it is horrible putting work clothes back on after sweating profusely for 30 minutes. So horrible. I washed up a little but since I am a shower-hater, I just washed my face and dried the rest of me off with an extra t-shirt. (Soooo sophisticated.) Dry shampoo is miraculous and my hair actually looks better than the fresh blow-dry I started with this morning.

Side note – I should do a post on how much I hate showers. I have quite a few tricks collected over the years to help me get away with never showering. (Alright, not NEVER…but basically never.)

The good news following today’s disaster treadmill adventure is that one treadmill run is usually the medicine I need to get me motivated to wake up and run outside again. Running with a sunrise is really one of my favorite things in life so hopefully tomorrow morning my motivation will be better.


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