Hey there internet!

I started a blog!
It will be a journal about running mostly, and I will probably talk about other loves of mine like skincare and dogs and my family, etc. It’s sort of odd that I will be sharing my life on a blog…I am a pretty private person and very introverted, and I’m happy being both of those things. But I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about running, so I wanted an outlet to share them to an audience that actually came here to read about running.
There are a few other reasons I wanted to start blogging about my running, like the fact that I will have a record of my progress over the years and have a place to keep journals of my race experiences. I’ve been inspired to keep running and pushing my limits because of reading other blogs, and hopefully I can do the same for someone else. I’d also love to find some fellow runners to befriend throughout this process so don’t be afraid to comment!
Thanks for reading! We’ll see how it goes! *panics*

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